Top tips and tricks to grow your beard faster!

Today, a full grown beard is considered as a source of pride. For men, beard defines masculinity, attitude and style sense. Though the growth of beard is mostly genetic, you still have some control over it than your scalp hair. If you are a teenager and have just started to grow beard, you must have wondered how to increase beard growth naturally or how to grow beard faster as a teenager. In this article, we will guide you how to grow your beard faster. Follow the under mentioned tricks and tips to grow beard faster. Try to follow as many tips as you can.

tips and tricks to grow your beard faster

Best tips and tricks to grow your beard faster:

·      Weekly trim –

Initially, shave or trim beard at least once a week. It not only stimulates growth, but also gets rid of dead cells from skin. you can check out best Top 5 Best Electric Razors Reviews 2017

·      Clean skin –

Keep your facial skin clean with warm water and mild cleanser. A clean and healthy skin accelerates hair growth.

·      Vitamin –

Vitamin A, B, C, and E stimulate hair growth so try to integrate food with these vitamin contents in your regular diet.

·      Rest –

Try to lead a stress free and relaxed life. Take rest between works and sleep well. Beard tend to grow fast when you give optimum rest to your body.

·      Mineral –

Get a dose of 2.5mg biotin regularly for better beard growth.

·      Protein –

Include nut, meat, egg, and fish in your diet.

·      Facial massage –

Massage your beard area regularly. It improves blood circulation.

·      Shave –

Do not shave regularly. Use your razors after at least 6 week interval.

·      Shaving process –

As we have said, you should shave after at least 6 weeks. It is better to get clean shaved on that day. After shaving normally (Up to Down) reverse shave (Down to Up). It stimulates hair growth.

·      Beard Oil –

Amla oil stimulates hair growth. However, you will find many other options available in the market these days. You can try one of them out. However, do not switch between brands too often, as it might cause damage to the beard line. Whatever oil you use, do not forget to rinse and clean it after 15 to 20 minutes of application.

·      Eucalyptus –

Eucalyptus is known to accelerate hair growth so try to use a moisturizer which has Eucalyptus as an ingredient.

·      Occasional shape ups –

Previously, we have mentioned that you can trim your beard once a week and you can shave it once in 6 weeks. In the meanwhile keep your beard untouched. Untouched means totally untouched! Do not even try to shape or size or scissor your beard during this period.

·      Understanding your beard –

To be practical, beards will not show up all over your face. There will be areas where beard growth is less than the other parts. Moreover, there will be regions in your face where there will be no bread initially. These are critical hair growth areas. Shaving or trimming often or hard will not help to grow beard in those areas either. Beards will eventually grow in those regions as well but in a long run. Our instruction is to keep a thick full grown beard to cover these critical regions.

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Conclusion –

We have mentioned how to grow a beard faster at 18 and how to get a full beard. Follow these simple tricks and tips and grow a full beard. If you have any problem while following any of these teenager beard growth tips, comment below your problem. If these tricks work for you, don’t forget to like and share.

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