How to deal with a curly beard >> Quick Tips to straighten your beard!

Today, a well maintained beard has been the talk over men’s fashion for quite a while. However, only the bearded men know what the real deal is of a full beard. Many men have already ditched their full beard for as stubble because of the untamable unwanted curls! For killing the full beard look, we will teach you, how to deal with a curly beard.

How to deal with a Curly Beard

Basically, there are plenty techniques to save your beard from getting curled. You can follow any one of these. A combination of these will also work.

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How to deal with your curly beard?

  1. Combing of your beard hair–

Combing of your beard hair

You have to take combing seriously. And you should comb your hair twice a day. The first beard combing should be done right after your bath which will help it to straighten over time. Comb your beard in the downward direction. The second combing should be done at night, just before you go to sleep. During this time, you should comb your beard in the opposite direction, i.e. in the upward direction for about a minute and then comb in the downward direction for a few seconds. We recommend you to use the wide-tooth parts of the comb while combing your beard every time.

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  1. Nourishment of your beard hair –

Nourishment of your beard hair

Just like you take care of your scalp hair, you have to take care of the beard hair if you really want to keep it big! All you have to do is stick to the basics of keeping your beard hair nourished is use shampoo, conditioner and oil. There are beard specific cosmetics these days but that is not necessary.

  1. Brush –

A boar bristle brush is capable of untangling unwanted knots and offer a smooth appearance. With regular use, this brush will take care that your beard hair is not sprouting in all directions. If you really want to get out of the curly beard problem, this is a must!


We have mentioned the best ways to get rid of the knots and curls of beard. However, if the curly beard problem persists even after sincere attempts of getting rid of it, we suggest you to use a beard trimmer and trim regularly for 2 months and then try for a full beard look once again.

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