This is our very first review of one of the most reputed beard trimmers that are out there in the men’s grooming world. Being one of amazon’s best selling grooming equipment for men, the Philips Norleco Beard Trimmer 7300 comes with a big dose of features. The trimmer is pretty solid and efficient to use, and remains in the perfect balance of Hi-tech and user friendliness.

At the first sight, you will see sleek curves that will make your eyes sparkle, and the next thing you know, you will be buying it just to hold it between your fingers. Jokes apart, the sleek design is not just for aesthetics, but also for a good hold between your fingers for ease of movement.  It has a firm rubber grip which tapers towards the bottom, giving you the perfect holder.

It has been around for a while in the men’s grooming market, and we are pretty sure that it will stick around for some more time owing to its features. We cannot say that it is a very high-tech trimmer, but at the offered price, features and ease of use, it just might be the best beard trimmer under $100 a man can get.

The Norleco 7300 has some pretty good features which we will be going through in this review. We will be considering every feature one by one with short descriptions as to how they make the trimmer stand out in a basket-full of competitors. We have collected this information based on our own experience with the trimmer and also of few customers we came in touch with. Also, we will be looking at some cons that we and some other customers have experienced with the trimmer. This will give you the best idea as to why you should buy this particular trimmer (or should not).




First things first, all this hype about the Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer 7300  might have made you think that it will be quite heavy on your pocket. Fret not, as luxurious as it may seem to your beard, it is not at all out of reach.

The trimmer comes at a very affordable price of $49.95, and some may even say that it is actually a cheap beard trimmer given the amazing quality offered at the price. It will be safe to say here that this is the best beard trimmer you can get under $100.


It can be claimed from the experiences of various satisfied customers that this beard trimmer has delivered to men of all beard types. It will not matter if your bush is thick, thin or comparable to the wilderness. The trimmer will do its best to give the best clean cut trim that you desire.

The best part in this matter is that there are not even different combos, blades and other goodies for different beard types. There are just two combs and you are good to go with either of them for any beard type.


The charging time of the trimmer deserves a worthy mention in this review as it is a mere 60 minutes. So, in just 60 minutes you will be good to go on the trip with a beard to trim on the flight.

The Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer 7300 comes with a lithium ion battery which is first rate in terms of both charging and cordless usage time. Owing to this, the trimmer allows you to use itself for a full 75 minutes before discharging.

We can easily state here that this is one of the best beard trimmers around in terms of charging and usage capacities. Also, another handy feature that comes with the trimmer is that you can use it while charging unlike a few others.

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The digital display gives the Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer 7300 a sci-fi look. On the digital display it shows the length and power the trimmer is working on and it is pretty decent looking.

The panel is sufficiently big and well it with large digit display. Some might even say that it is a head turner in public places if you or one of those public place trimming men.


This is one of the coolest features of this trimmer which will save you a lot of scolding from your better half. The built in vacuum system efficiently sucks away almost all of the hair that gets trimmed and cut.

It is not a 100% efficient system, but behaves well with slow movements and removes almost 90 percent of the hair you are losing. It saves a lot of time in the aftermath of cutting and the further aftermath if you have a habit of leaving the cut hair floating on the basin.

  • 18 length settings

The Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer 7300 comes with 18 length settings, which range from 1mm to 18mm of hair length cut. Also, you need not change the comb while switching between the length settings; all you have to do is press a button to change the length. This can be really helpful if you are styling different lengths for different parts of facial hair.

 Although we could have been happier with a slightly better range starting from 0.5mm for a thinner stubble, but the present range also works like a breeze and helps in giving the perfect clean cut stubble which is pretty smooth.


This is another fun feature incorporated in the trimmer helping it to be sold in such quantities. The turbo boost allows you to effectively breeze through the thickest of the bushes on your face.

The turbo boost gives pretty powerful and efficient results. The cordless usage time does get reduced to around 50 minutes, but the sped up process compensates for the reduction very nicely.

Another con of the turbo boost is that it creates a lot of noise and is not as quiet as you think it might be in operation.

But, all in all we loved it and believe that it is pretty handy for quick and intense conditions.


The blades with the trimmer are the standard self-sharpening blades which are incorporated with most trimmers of this range. They will not get blunt for a sufficiently long time giving you perfect results happily ever-after (long enough to be happy).

 They are also rust resistant so you do not have to worry about them getting blunt or rusted after prolonged usage.


This is a handy feature of the trimmer. You can use it while travelling and storage without the worry of it getting switched on accidently and tearing everything apart in your carry bag. Few of the experience holders who are prone to travelling a lot find this feature especially useful. So, if you are one of those frequent travelers you are in good hands.



The trimmer comes with a lavish two year warranty and 45 days money back guarantee from wherever you purchase it.

This just might be called the proof of confidence that Philips has over its product in terms of sturdiness and strength. They won’t be giving away such warranties if they were not absolutely imperative that the product will last that long with ease.


The Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer 7300 comes with two comb attachments. The normal blade attachment is a generic comb found on every trimmer. The contour comb however, is a pretty cool integration which lets you groom your beard and mustache to the exact shape and size that you want.

Another advantage of the contour comb attachment is that it will not let the trimmer tug at your skin so that you have a very peaceful and non-painful trim experience. We all don’t like to be woken up by sharp tugs in the morning on our skin; we will always prefer coffee or chai-tea.

So, these were the stand out features of the Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer 7300 that were worth mentioning and just might make you go to and buy it out (if it is already not out of stock).

But we being fair and square with our reviews would also like to point a few cons (not many) that might make you realize that this is not a dream come true. So, don’t be afraid, this is only to prepare you for what you might be getting yourself into.



We believe that possibly the biggest shortcoming that this Best Beard Trimmer under $100 is its wide trimming head. We also firmly believe that this can be easily improved upon.

The trimmer does not allow you to do precision cutting near your ears, nose and lips. If you are one of those who cannot even tolerate a single hair out of place then you might want to relook into this one. The adjustable comb is of course useful but it does not fully compensate for the slight bluntness of the standard trimming head.


It seems almost negligent on the part of Philips that they haven’t provided a casing with this trimmer. It would have been a lot easier for storage purposes if a small case had been provided. This shortcoming can be easily rectified without much increment in the cost and we hope that Philips will surely look into it.

Also, we don’t understand why Philips could not have provided a decent enough stand with this otherwise impeccable trimmer. This can be looked into too.


Although the blades are rust resistant but the trimmer is not waterproof. This means that if you had any plans of multitasking with this particular trimmer in the shower than you might want to reconsider that .This also means that you cannot wash it under the tap, but that will be fine because of the vacuuming arrangement of the trimmer.

So, until and unless you fully dip it in or keep it under flowing water, you are good to go.

This was our review on the Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer 7300. All in all, this is a pretty good beard and mustache trimmer and considering the price at which it is offered, it can even be termed as the best beard trimmer under 100$. It has consistently satisfied customers over the years and has proven the test of time in terms of sturdiness and reliability. We sincerely recommend that you should give this trimmer a good try and we are sure that you will not regret it.

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In few other reviews of ours we had brought to you the top beard trimmers that we feel you could check out. By all means, go through those and take the best possible decision you can. We here, understand how important your beard is to you as us men have been there and done that. And we know that it takes a lot of work and courage to work on beard styles because we don’t like to look like chimps with a goat beard. It is a matter of great integrity and respect that we have our beards perfectly clean cut.  We feel positive that this review was helpful to you.

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