How to Shave Your Legs: For Men #LifeHacks

To be practical, body hair won’t make you look more manly, rather it would convey the message that you are nasty and you don’t give yourself time. This is true even if you are a man!

Some professions like combat sports, dancing, body building, acting, swimming requires you to get rid of your body hair in regular basis. Otherwise, you might be a person working from morning to night, then excess body hair will surely discomfort you.

In this article we will instruct you how to get rid of your leg hair. However, this article is only for men 😛


At first go through this set of instruction to set up your mentality.

  • At first, you have to set up an end level, because you know pretty well that you should not shave your legs.
  • For men, it is better to trim leg hair than shave. Otherwise the time consuming scissor technique is also okay.
  • Whenever you want to get rid of your leg hair, take a shower. Don’t trim or scissor in dry skin.
  • Take a shower when you are done with shaving your leg hair. Rinse and massage the whole leg.
  • Don’t forget to apply moisturizing cleanser after your shower.

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How to shave your legs:

  1. Shaving your beard and shaving leg hair are quite different. When you cut your beard hair, you have the flexibility to move around your house to get the item you want (say, towel, or shaving cream, or razor, or scissor). However, when you are going to get rid of your leg hair, you have been enclosed in your bathroom without any flexibilities of moving here and there to find objects. So at first, gather all you need while shaving such as a towel, a cleanser, a shaving cream, a hair trimmer.towel, a cleanser, a shaving cream, a hair trimmer.
  2. In the bathroom get naked and give yourself sometime under the shower. Under the water
  3. Set the trimmer for the closest shave possible. Shaver for leg
  4. Apply shaving cream in your hairy leg.shaving cream on legs
  5. Spread it in your entire leg and lather it.
  6. Sit down in a tool and run your trimmer throughout your legs.
  7. Rinse off the cream and cut hair from your trimmer for the best shave.
  8. When you are done, with the leg shaving part, take a shower once again.
  9. Rinse your body with a dry towel.
  10. Apply anti inflectional liquid or after shaving cream in your leg and let it dry.
  11. Apply moisturizing cream and massage your legs thoroughly.Apply moisturizing cream and massage your legs thoroughly
  12. You are done with shaving your leg in the right way.Apply moisturizing cream and massage your legs thoroughly

Final tip & offer for you 🙂

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Follow this simple guideline mentioned above to get rid of your unnecessary leg hair.

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