4 Steps How to make your beard softer in 10 days?

Your beard looks best when it is soft. Further, it will be more comfortable from your end to handle and manage your beard when it is soft. When your beard is soft, the problem of beard knots will be solved. In this article, we will instruct you, how to make your beard as soft as a cloud. You should also check our recent article on Best Nose Hair Trimmers – Complete Guide {Review}.

How to make your beard softer

What do we mean by soft beard hair? You have seen girls with straight hairs. We are considering beard like those as a soft beard.

Why you have knots in your beard and your beard is not soft, and silky?

  1. Split ends: You might be regular in trimming beard hair. You might trim your beard twice a week but still, your beard gets knotted. The thing is, when you trim your beard, the cut ends are harsher than the uncut ends.
  2. Dryness: Our skin produces its own moisturizer to eliminate the problem of dryness but however, when you grow a thick beard and are not regular at maintaining it, skin’s own moisturizer is not enough. You have to use cosmetics. Moreover, you have to drink lots of water to get a healthy skin.

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Up next, we will teach you, How to make your beard softer.

  1. Washing and conditioning –

You will find specially designed beard shampoos in the market but it is not necessary to use a beard shampoo for shampooing beard at all. Just select a mild hair shampoo and apply it in your beard during shower. You should shampoo your beard almost every alternate day for best results. Further, you have to use conditioners in your beard as well. Here also, once again, you will find products specially designed for the beard, but those are not a necessity. You can use any genuine hair conditioner in your beard.

  1. Beard oil and balm

Just like your scalp hair, you have to oil your beard to make it look magnificent. Here, we recommend you to use beard oil or beard balm which is specially designed for beard hair only. Apply any of these after shower.

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  1. Brushing

You cannot just leave your beard as it is! You have to brush and comb it and show it the right direction. Guide your beard in the direction you want it to grow with a regular comb. Further, regular combing will also eliminate the problem of tangled knots.

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  1. Nutrients –

You should increase your regular intake of water and follow a properly balanced diet rich in minerals and vitamins.

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