How to Grow a Thicker Beard – Premium Tips !

For many men, it’s a big challenge to grow a big beard. The most common problem associated with growing a long beard is that once the beard reaches a certain point, the itchiness problem gets out of control so overpowered by the frustration and irritation, the person ends up trimming the beard. Now, combine this with a improper skin care and poor diet habit. The beard becomes thin.

Some men associate beard and mustache with leadership, power and masculinity. It is considered that thicker the beard the more respect the person commands! In this article, we will discuss how to grow a thicker beard.

How to Grow a Thicker Beard - Premium Tips !

Before we jump into the techniques to grow a thicker beard, we feel its necessary to tell you, what are the real parameters through which a beard quality can be determined. A beard quality can be determined by thickness, liveliness and length. For thickness, it’s the density of the beard or the number of hairs you have in your beard. On the other hand, liveliness is determined by how your beard looks, it totally depends upon proper maintenance and shaping. The last point, length is simply determined by the length of each hair. It is seen that most men suffer from thickness and liveliness because more or less, the length can be achieved anyway! Now, let us jump into how to grow a thicker beard.

How to grow a thick beard faster?

Here, we will explain you just 4 steps of taking care of your beard. If you can implement all of these then your beard will surely outcompete your friend’s thick beard!

  1. Skin Care –

Skin Care - Grow thik beard

Do you remember a famous quote: Health is Wealth? It is indeed the most important quote of life. Initially, all you have to do is start with a healthy livelihood. Take care of your skin in order to grow a thicker and lively beard. Wash your face from time to time with tap water. It stimulates blood circulation and helps in exfoliation the skin. Moreover, it also removes dead skin cells. The best thing that you can do along with this is to use a moisturizer.

  1. Start Exercising –

Start Exercising

As we said in the previous point, Health is wealth. This point is also influenced by the same philosophy. Start exercising on regular basis. This is just to kick out lethargy. Once you have been exercising for a few days shift to ‘training’. There is a big gap between exercising and training. Try to understand, that if you can stimulate your testosterone levels well, it will show through your beard. The best part of the story is that, not only beard, it will also provide you a masculine look. Anyway, as I was saying, the founding stone of growing a healthy and thick beard is to lose excess weight and lethargy!

Now, to be honest, there are various types and formats of exercises. We will suggest you to perform cardio workouts, running, and cycling. The idea is to stimulate all parts of your body together.  Regular workout for quite a while will not only boost testosterone level but also dihydrotestosterone levels. It is a product of testosterone which is crucial for growing a thicker beard.

  1. Reduce Stress –

Unlike the first two points, this point is more behavioral. We will suggest you to take less stress and have optimum rest. When you are stressing too much, you are increasing cortisol levels in your body which plays a major negative role in the development of testosterone. Moreover, over stress can also constrict the blood vessel making it difficult for the blood nutrients to get into the hair follicles.

Reduce Stress

Now, to be honest, everyone stresses. Without stress, there would not have been any life at all. But stress can be of two types: short term and long term. People experiencing short term stress are more vulnerable because they remain stressful throughout the day, every day. It disturbs rest and sleeping pattern of people which once again leads to improper nutrient supply to blood. However, it has been reported that long term stresses can also sometimes be more harmful. We cannot give you a proper idea to reduce stress because that’s harmful. On the other hand, we cannot really suggest you to take medicines because that’s a very bad habit so what we will suggest here is to indulge in meditation. Mediation is one of the best ways to eliminate or decrease stress.

  1. Drink water –

Drink water

Your body develops toxins in various ways. All you have to do is neutralize those toxins. No one does it better than water. Take up a challenge. You have to drink water about half your weight in ounces daily!


These are simple ways to grow a beard without using any beard oil or any kind of money. All you have to do is make some behavioral changes. Implement the suggested changes in your life and carry on for at least 3 months non stop and then let us know the result of the quality of your beard in terms of thickness and livelihood. Do not forget to comment in the come3nts section below..

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