How to Get Rid of Beard Dandruff (Right Away)

In this article, we will let you know how to get rid of beard dandruff. Now, first of all, what is beard dandruff? It is a common skin condition which affects the scalp adversely. It causes red and flaky skin which leads to an itching feeling.

How to Get Rid of Beard Dandruff

What are the causes of beard dandruff?

Basically, it is like a micro bacteria called Malassezia globosa. It tends to grow in oily areas with lots of sebaceous glands. Most often, it grows in hairy areas like in the scalp area. Sebum is the oil produced by your sebaceous gland. This fungus breaks down the sebum and leaves behind oleic acid. This oleic acid in turn, irritates the skin. Additionally, if you have an oily skin, the chance of having more of these micro bacteria is more. However, it also depends upon the rate of cell turnovers, i.e. how fast your skin cells regenerate. In general, it should take around 30 days but if the speed is faster then it leads to an accumulation of dead cells.

Regardless of what is the cause of your beard dandruff, whether it is due to oily skin or faster cell cycle or not taking care of your beard, you will notice most dandruff issues during the time of winter and summer; i.e. cold and dry weather or hot and oily weather! Up next, we will teach you, how to get rid of this beard dandruff issue.

How to get rid of beard dandruff?

  1. Oiling and Shampooing –

Simply, you have to first get rid of the accumulated dead skin cells which are the primary cause of dandruff. On the other hand, you have to oil it as well in order to prevent the forming of new flakes. So, you have to take up a plan that combines regular exfoliation, and moisturizing. No other product does this better than oil and shampoo. We will suggest you to use beard oil or beard wax a day and shampoo it out the next day and then again follow the oiling process next day. Regardless of whatever product you choose, you have to use it at least 3-4 sessions to see the results; mind it.

  1. Use a beard brush –

In order to boost the exfoliation process, we will recommend you to use a beard brush instead of regular combs. A brush not only helps in exfoliation but also helps in increasing the beard circulation which is beneficial for your beard. Moreover, using beard brush stops the problem of beard knots by making the beards softer and easier to manage. However, be cautious while brushing. Never ever scrub too hard because if you end up creating some scratches, it can be more dangerous and make the scenario of your dandruff worse.

  1. Cleansing –

If you really want to get rid of your beard dandruff then you have to take care of it. There are many possible ways like using medicated oils and balms or shampoos but the most important one is, you have to wash your beard often. For example, you just drank a glass of mil and a part of it spilled on your beard. You simply cleaned it with your handkerchief and carried on with other works. This will not do. You have to clean your beard with tap water as soon as you finish your glass of milk. Just to let you know, if you are opting for medicated shampoos or special dandruff treatment shampoos then check the ingredients list before buying. Since you are expending some extra bucks, make sure that your product has any of these following or a combination of these: pyrithione zinc, selenium sulfide, coal tar, and tea tree oil.


Follow the above mentioned guidelines and we are sure, you will be successful to kill your beard dandruff problem. However, remember one thing, that once you have got rid of dandruff, the most important thing is, you should take care so that it does not come back again so never stop taking care of your beard. Do let us know about your beard dandruff killing story in the comments section below.

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