How to Effectively Fix a Patchy Beard (Bald Spots) – Effective Solutions

Every man in his life has experienced a situation where he considered his beard horrible and thought of removing it all together. In this article, we will teach you how to fix a patchy beard or a bald spot. The foremost suggestion in this regard will be to not fix a patchy beard, instead fill it up! Let me get into details to give you a better understanding.

How to Effectively Fix a Patchy Beard

How to fill your beard bald spot?

  • Grow your beard in terms of density and use a beard brush –

Unlike men, women use a brush while doing their hairs. Have you noticed it? It increases the area wise blood circulation and helps in increasing the volume. So we will suggest you to throw out the beard comb and grab a brush instead. A brush simply increases the beard volume.

We would recommend you to keep a big beard and then use a brush. While brushing stimulates your blood circulation and helps in beard hair growth, keep your beard bald spot filled up with the hair from other parts of the face. The motto should be to hide your bald spot anyway.

  • Beard Balm –

The basic of the previous point was beard growth. Here, the basic is styling. Here, we would suggest you to use either a beard cream or a beard balm or some beard oil. However, if one asks which one is better, then we will go with beard balms because a beard balm comes with wax. The wax can indeed cover your beard. A beard balm allows you to position the hair in your beard. You can simply hide your beard bald patches with this.

  • Grow Your Beard in terms of length –

We will suggest you to grow long beards. Unlike the first point, where we asked you to grow in terms of density, here we will recommend you to grow in terms of length. For example, if you are sporting a stubble and you want to cover your beard bald spot that won’t really work my friend. Here, quantity matters. The beard length will help to hide your beard bald patch.

  • Opt for a better beard style –

It does not necessarily mean that you have to grow a beard and hide your weak area every time. Choose a beard style that matches your face and that will help you to hide your beard bald patch. Do not go after beard styles randomly.

  • Enjoy what you have got

To be honest, you can still carry on having a bald patch without caring much to hide it. Simply rock what you have without trying to hide anything. Go rogue with attitude!

  • Clean shave

The last yet not the least option left for you is to go clean shaved. Change your mustache pattern from time to time and you can rock with your bald beard patches with this look. No one will even understand.


We have shown you 6 paths you can opt for in order to hide your beard bald patch. Which one you will opt and what will suit you depend upon you. You are the best person to choose which path you will go. Try these out to hide your beard bald patch and let us know in the comments section below.

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