Electric Shaver Buying Guide

In this article, we will guide you to buy the best electric razor that will suit your taste and preference and of course, facial hair. At first, you have to know what an electric shaver is! An electric shaver is like a traditional shaver that operates through electricity, either with cord or cordless with a battery and is equipped with other sophisticated cleaning kit, gadgets such as a pop out trimmer, a razor, a cleaning system, etc. Back in 1920, Schick and Remington were the first companies to introduce an electric shaver. Electric shavers are able to give a better shave and that also without or with less skin irritation. Further, it is a faster process and shaving can be done not only in the wet mode, but also in the dry mode without any use of shaving cream or shaving foam.

Types of Electric shavers:

In general, men’s electric shavers come in two types: Foil and Rotary. Both the types are named likewise for their respective cutting blades.

Foil and Rotary shavers-

A foil shaver is characterized by specially designed floating heads to run smoothly throughout the face while the cutter oscillates behind the penetrating screen. On the other hand, a Rotary shaver is characterized by multiple floating heads, most often three or four, to run smoothly throughout the face when the cutter spins behind the fine screen.

Rotary shave VS foil shaver

A men’s Rotary shaver delivers a faster as well as a cleaner shave than that of a men’s Foil shavers because of its multiple floating heads. Further, Rotary shavers are able to deliver a noise free shave. Regardless of these advantages, Foil shavers have a bigger market share than the Rotary shavers because the former tends to offer less facial irritation than the later. To guide you to buy an electric shaver we will recommend you to buy a Rotary shaver, only if you have a dense forest thick facial hair and you prefer facial hair trims after a few days, and not on a regular basis; else we will recommend you a Foil shaver.

 You have already chosen the type of electric shaver to buy, but that is not enough, there are some more features to look into. Now we will give you an electric shaver buying guide which includes the characteristics to look at while buying an electric shaver. Both the types of shavers carry these features so you won’t find yourself in a messy situation to choose your shaver. As far as the price is concerned, Foil shavers are cheaper than Rotary shavers.


Since more or less all the latest models have almost same features you should scrutinize the models you want to buy with relative features and not with absolute features! You will find all these features in the instruction or description page.

  • Battery Warning –Electric shaver battery
    Buy only those models which have a charge indicator or a battery warning display. It is a better option to pay some extra bucks for a branded model with battery warning than to buy cheap models and suffer low battery or no charge issues.
  • Battery Charger –
    The time taken for full charging of a battery might vary between 1 hour to 12 hours according to the model and other characteristics. On an average an 8 hour full charge up time is convenient but charging is not everything; the main thing is how many shaves a full charge offer. A fair electric shaver offers about 7 to 10 shaves per full charge. Some of the recent models are also offered Fast Charge facility for a quick shave. In most cases when you overcharge, your electric shaver battery life reduces. It will be better both for your electricity bill as well as your electric shaver battery; if you can pull the plug off at the right time when the charge is finished. However, if you are a kind of lazy or ignorant then we will suggest you to buy an electric shaver that has Automatic charge shut off facility. This is not a joke or instructed sarcastically; a few recent models provide this facility!
  • Cord –
    Reading the previous points you might be feeling de-motivated to buy an electric shaver only for the sake of time to time battery recharge but here is some good news for you. Some electric shavers are corded and you can use them anytime and anywhere and that also without charging, all you will need is an electric plug point.
  • Wet & Dry Shave –
    Though we are all used to wet shave, some models allow us to enjoy both wet and dry shave and that also without costing anything extra so we will recommend you to buy such a model.
  • Trimmer –
    Check out the size of cutters in the model that you want to buy and calculate whether it is convenient to yourface or not. Just remember that clearing beard is not everything when we talk about a trimmer. It must also take care of your sideburns and other facial hairs.
  • Cleaning TechniqueElectric shaver Cleaning
    Generally, every electric shaver comes with a cleaning brush and a cleaning fluid. Since electric shavers are generally 100% water proof, one can just rinse off the shaver or clean it under tap water. Some of the models also have an inbuilt self cleaning technology that pumps sanitizing fluid through the blades and cutter. However, as the fluid is alcoholic, it will evaporate someday so we will suggest you to save money and buy a shaver which supports a normal cleaning technology, i.e. provides at least a brush. Simply, cleaning fluid is not a necessity!

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Up next we will give you some electric razor buying guide, where we will let you know which electric shavers to buy.

  • Go for an electric shaver which gives at least a 30 day money back guarantee.
  • Check out whether the warranty period offered is convenient or not and also check out whether the foil, the cutter, the blade heads, the fluid are under warranty cover or not.
  • Some models feature a pop out trimmer which comes very handy while handling sideburns, neckline hair, and beard.
  • An electric shaver from a well known brand will be better than a cheap model from a less known brand or a new brand. It is very rare in the case of these kinds of professional electric gadgets that a new brand is able to penetrate the market. Some of the “good” brands for electric shaver are Philips, Braun and Kronberg.
  • Though it is recommended to buy an electric shaver with cord; you can also buy cordless models but check out things like battery charging time and digital battery display.
  • Almost all the brands have some special features to make its electric shaver unique from other models. Further, each model of a brand is unique from every other model so there are plenty variations. We recommend you to follow the way to use manual that is provided with the gadget. If you don’t find any such manuals then search online for the product in the company’s official web portal.
  • Size is very important. When buying your electric shaver, note its size. A smaller sized shaver is more convenient to shave slim and soft areas where as a big sized shaver is more convenient to shave maximum no. of hairs per glide.
  • Buy a shaver which has an ergonomic handle to give you the best grip possible.
  • Some of the models come with an electronic cooling system. This cooling system helps to avoid skin irritations and also cools the unwanted water within the gadget. Your electric razor will have more life time if this wonderful system is there in your model.

How to use your shaver the right way:

Till now we are discussing on choosing the correct model and checking out the features, but now we are assuming that you have already bought your piece of electric shaver so up next we will guide you how to use it in the correct way and enjoy shaves and trims like a pro. Follow the following steps to catch up the right process-

How to hold your electric shaver-

How to hold your electric shaver

For your first shave with your electric shaver, at first, you have to learn how to hold the shaver. For both the two types of electric razors, you have to hold your razor at 90 degrees. If you are using a Rotary shaver then shave in a circular motion and if you are using a Foil shaver then you can glide it either upward or downwards.

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Time constraint-

You are using an electric shaver for the first time, so you might have to deal with facial skin irritations but with a few days of regular shave your skin will adjust with the razor. Generally, it takes 2 weeks but if your skin has a continuous irritation issue even after 3rd week of use then either the electric razor is faulty or you have some skin issues. Go to a doctor in the later case.

Dry shaving basic-

When you are about to shave with your electric razor in dry shaving mode, then don’t wash your face prior to shaving.

Some basic electric razor techniques-

If you were using a traditional normal razor then you would have been shaving along the grain but with an electric razor in hand, you have to shave against the grain. Stretching the facial skin by hand will grant you a smoother shave.

Gilding technique-

You should not press the electric shaver too hard with your skin because that might lead to skin irritations. The blades of electric shaver are professional enough to clean your facial hair with a soft glide. However, some of the areas need more pressure than the normal areas; you will be able to note those areas within a week. Though the chin area is considered as one of such areas, mostly those areas vary between man to man.

Modern style-

How to hold your electric shaver

These days growing a thick beard is one of the style statements of men. For those, all you have to do is keep the electric razor untouched for a few months and shape up the extra bit of unwanted hairs whenever necessary. However, this might lead to skin irritations when you are about to shave off your long thick beard after a long time. For this, we will suggest you not to use the electric shaver directly. Here, pop out trimmer or clippers will come most handy. Use those to bring your long thick beard to shaving level and then the rest can be taken care by your electric shaver.


You must take care of your electric shaver by cleaning it properly after each and every use. Whether you use professional cleaning fluids or genuine spirit or just hold the shaver under a faucet is not a matter of problem. If you don’t keep your gadget’s blades clean then there is high possibility of skin irritations, infections or rust issues.

Replacement offers-

Almost all the big companies warranty a 12 month or 18 month blade replacement scheme. Don’t be too much obsessed with saving money! Invest on replacing your blades from time to time.

After reading up to this you might ask yourself, do you really need an electric shaver at all? Is your traditional tool kit not enough? It has given you convenience for years! Now we are going to tell you some of the benefits of owning an electric shaver.



Imagine yourself to be out of your home and all you need is a shave and you prefer self help and ignore barber shops for the sake of shaving. With an electric shaver in your bag, you will be able to enjoy the shave and that also without any need of shaving cream or shaving foam. In short, you don’t need access to water prior to your shave.

Style statement-

Today’s style statement is not a clean shaved look. You would rather crave for a thinner layer of beard look than a clean shaved look. Traditional shavers will give you a perfectly clean shaved look so you have to wait for 3 to 4 days after each shave to look manly. Moreover, if you want to keep your facial hair in shape with the help of scissors then there might be alignment issues. With electric shaver, all your problems will evaporate! You will be able to trim or even clean out your beard according to the shape and size you want. You would no more have to wait for 3 or 4 days to get a manly look.

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Cut free-

If you buy an electric shaver from a renowned company like Philips or Remington then you will have no skin irritations even if you press it hard against your skin while shaving.

100% water resistant-Electric shaver 100% water resistant-

Previously we recommended you to buy water resistant models because with those in hand, you will be able to enjoy a quick shave even in your shower.


We will suggest you to narrow down your electric razor search to renowned brands and then, according to the features that match your needs. If you search by type of shavers, then there will be plenty of options to choose from so you might feel jumbled up. We advise you not to hurry up and make your purchasing decision. Take time to choose your model and then only make your purchasing decision. Doing a self research is very important because it is not always true that everything written in the manual will match once you buy your product. Check out social media, and review blogs to know about the user’s experience on different electric razor models or the model you are looking forward to buy. Everything is available right in front of your face through a few clicks!

Final words

I hope with this article you will be able to know what an electric razor is and which way to buy it.  I feel that some of you people will also get encouraged to buy an electric razor. It will be great if you can spread the word and let your friends know about electric razors as well. Feel free to comment below and let us know about all your queries. Thanks!

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