Easy and Best Effective Steps To Grow Your Beard Faster

There is a myth that facial hair grows at the same rate as that of your scalp hair but it is not true. Frankly, your beard hair actually grows at a greater pace than your scalp hair. You might be finding it hard to grow your facial hair fast.  Before we jump into how to effectively grow your beard faster, we will let you know a scientific explanation which will give you a better understanding of pattern beard growth.

Easy and Best Effective Steps To Grow Your Beard Faster

Scientific explanation of the pattern of beard growth:

  1. The two hormones responsible for beard growth: Testosterone and DHT travels from the bloodstream to the androgen receptors and then they move towards your facial hair follicles.
  2. Your body mixes up various micro and macro nutrients like vitamins, carbohydrate, proteins, minerals, and fat to produce keratin.
  3. Your facial hair, i.e. beard grows in three growth stages: anagen, catagen, and telogen. All other hair follicles of your body also have these three growth phases.

Now, you might be thinking that how to increase your testosterone or DHT hormone levels so that it can boost your beard growth. Right? Well, let me tell you, there are indeed a handful of ways through which you will be able to do it and that also without taking any kind of supplements!

Initially, you have to change the way of your life. You have to shift from a lethargy filled life to a sporty and healthy livelihood. As soon as you start following a proper diet and perform exercise on a regular basis, you will be able to see the changes within just 3 months. If you can combine it with a stress free life with the optimum amount of rest regularly then there is simply no looking back.

Now, let us come to the point. While, to be honest, nature surely plays a crucial role in how fast and thick your beard will grow, following some simple steps still has the potential to give it a boost.

Steps to give your beard growth a boost:

1: Take Care of your body –

As we have told earlier, your beard hair is more or less the result of how you take care of your body. For killing lethargy and living a healthy life we will suggest you to start with regular exercise sessions. Once, it has been a habit, a shift from exercise to work out should be made and the goal should be to shift into ‘training’, ultimately! Associating yourself with some kind of sports that involves full body dynamic movement at a time like running, rowing, swimming will help the process. Now, performing only this much behavioral change won’t help much. You have to restrict yourself under a clean diet system and have to lead a stress free life as much as possible. For this, we will suggest you to practice yoga or meditation for 10-15 minutes per day. It has been known to be a great stress reliever throughout the years.

Now, you might be thinking what a clean diet is. Right? A clean diet is something which is more or less a balanced diet with optimum supplies of vitamin, minerals, macro and micro nutrients along with optimum quantity of protein, fat, and carbohydrate. Along with this, you have to drink a lot of water daily to keep yourself hydrated. And the last but not the least point is you have to stay away from junk foods as much as possible.

  1. The commitment of beard growth –

A bearded man looks great but there are various difficult zones which the man has to leave behind before getting an ideal bearded look. You should prioritize your beard growth process if you really have any interest in it. Most men leave hopes of a bearded look in a mid-way because as soon as you keep your beard untrimmed for around three weeks, it starts becoming itchy and irritating. Most people end up in the beard growth progression period itself because of these.

So, if you are really concerned with your beard and you are focused enough to pass all the hurdles then we would suggest you to wash your face time to time to keep it dead cell free and externally hydrated. Along with this, you can use a face moisturizer in order to keep your face moist. This will surely work. However, if you are more keen about your beard growth and ready to invest a few more bucks on it, we would recommend you to use some beard ointment. There are various beard ointments in the market such as beard balms, beard oils, and so on. We would recommend you to use beard balms because it comes with wax.

  1. Stop Smoking –

Frankly, whether smoking causes any burden to grow a beard or not is still debated and no scientific conclusions are reached so far. But it has been noted that smoking affects the beard like aging. Just a few cigarettes a day has the potential to adversely affect your blood circulation. We all know that without proper blood circulation around your beard hair follicles, a beard hair will take more time than expected to grow. Another reason, why you should stop smoking is, your black beard will start greying early!


We have provided you a step wise guide on how to grow your beard fast. However, it’s not really a step wise guide. You have to follow almost all of them at once. These are absolute points. So we recommend you to follow these 3 steps and enjoy a better beard. Do not forget to mention your beard experience after implementing the following three changes in your life.

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