Braun Series 7 – Detailed Review!

In this article, I will give a brief review of Braun Series 7 manual, namely Braun 760cc, Braun 790cc and Braun 799cc. Braun is one of the most renowned German electronics manufacturers. The company has reached heights with its grooming devices like shavers, clippers, and others.

Braun Series 7

Customers throughout the world are familiar with Braun Pulsonic Shaver System. Braun 790cc comes in an elegant noble metal grey color. It is a foil shaver with cleaning station, black charging, and renewing. A leading market research institute considers Braun as the world’s number one shaver brand.

It is true that Braun shavers are costlier than that of other company’s shavers but at the end of the day you are buying the best product available in the market in terms of performance, design, sophisticated cordless system. In short, Braun Pulsonic offers an ultimate grooming experience to men.

All the models of Braun Series 7 are inevitably packed with more features and are better than the previous lines of 390cc or the 590cc, in terms of performance.

Let us check out the features of the Braun Series 7 models. More or less all the models have these following features in common. Later on, in this article I have also mentioned the differences. Read out this whole Braun Series 7 review article thoroughly to understand.Braun Check Series 7 on Amazon

Features of Braun Series 7

Design –

Braun Series 7 Design

Simply, the grip is ergonomic and smooth. Each side of the shaver is guarded by two lengthy sections of black rubber to offer a secure grip. This grip lets you hold of the shaver in uneasy times like when you are using soap or foam or cream or shaving gels.

The foil shaver sits right above the base allowing it to pivot and flex independently from that of the shaver body. In the lower 3rd of the electric shaver, there is a circular button with a blue circle in the middle that will help you to increase or decrees your shaving speed.

At the bottom of the shaver, there is a cleaning indicator and a battery status indicator. Both the indicators are powered by light so you will be able to know about the cleaning status and battery life left with just a glance.

Waterproof –

Braun Series 7

This shaver can be used both for a dry shave and for a wet shave. The device is totally washable and it is waterproof. You can also rinse the shaver under tap water while shaving; otherwise there is a more convenient option for you, the shaver’s own cleaning system.

Different setting modes –

Braun Series 7 comes with 3 settings modes. The 3 modes are intended for different beard size. In other words, the 3 personalization modes are for sensitive, normal, and intensive beard respectively.

Built –

Braun Series 7 DesignThe device is built with a linear motor. The electric shaver offers a fully flexible shaving system which adapts to individual skin type.

This electric shaver is powered by Optifoil technology. This technology promises more close shave than any other Braun shavers. It is built with a unique design that snips more hair at once and trims more closely. In short, it will deliver the final touches to your shave.

There are 2 Optifoils, one in each side of the ActiveLift trimmer. That simply creates 3 rows of cutting foils. Further, the head is contour adapting so it easily shaves difficult areas like down the neck and jaw line.

The electric trimmer is built with triple cutting action system which means the foil is built with three different cutting elements to shave hairs of different size.

Moreover, this Braun shaver powered by intelligent sonic technology which means while shaving, the device will automatically increase power while shaving in dense patches of your beard. The shaver clocks 110k micro vibrations per minute.

On the other hand, ingrown hairs can also be get ridden by the built-in middle ActiveLift trimmer.

Comfortable Shave –

The shaver is designed in such a way so that it provides maximum comfort to users. The users with most sensitive skins will also be comfortable with this shaver. There will be negligible or no shave burns and redness due to shaving with this trimmer.

LCD display –

You will know about your battery life and whether it is needed to be recharged or not at a glance with the help of the LCD battery indicator.

Automatic cleaning system –

With just a press of a button, the cleaning unit will clean the shaver by application of s lubricating agent. The cleaning unit comes with cleaning cartridges made of tooth-shaped plastic carrying blue cleaning fluid so that it can be easily inserted. The lubricating agents are alcohol based which guarantees to remove 99.999% germs from the blades.

 The lubricant has a scent of lemon. You can buy these cartridges later on when the initials are finished. They are available in the market as a pack of 3 and costs around $20.

However, Braun Series 7 is not the latest generation of the shaver. The latest line of Braun shaver is Series 9. Braun 9 series comes at the cost of approximately $100 more than that of Braun Series 7 shavers with some advancement in shaving features. However, if you don’t want to invest extra $100 to buy the latest version, Braun 7 is pretty convenient.

Braun Check Series 7 on Amazon

Some other notable features –

Adaptive Contour Shaving Head –

Throughout this Braun Series 7 review we are conveying again and again that the shaver offers a close and comfortable shave. The key reason of this is the unique mechanism of shaving heads. The shaving heads of Braun Series 7 are ultra flexible. The shaving heads matches the contours of the surface of your face while cutting. It is done so professionally that you will only feel a gentle hum of the motor but no cuts or scratches.

Multiple Modes –

Previously, we have discussed about the three modes of personalization. All Braun Series 7 models: 799cc, 790cc and 760cc, other than that of Braun 720S carry a cleaning dock. Therefore, if any user is ready to cut off his spending on shaver and manage cleaning the shaver manually, he can look out for Braun 720S.

Intra Series comparison –

Braun Shaver 790cc vs 799cc model comparison –

In terms of price, Braun 790cc is cheaper than that of Braun 799cc. However, there is no wet option in the 790cc model. Though it solely depends upon taste and way of use of user, the wet option is quiet effective as you will be able to use it while taking your shower, which means no waste of time, and no cleaning up of basin. Further, the 799cc model cannot be operated plugged in for safety reasons while the 790cc model can be operated when plugged in.

Braun Shaver 760cc vs. 790cc model comparison –

Just like Braun 790cc, Braun 760cc also does not have the wet option. As far as shaving technology perspective is concerned, they are the same; otherwise there are only a few functional differences. For an example, as the 790cc model is released later so it is packed with a faster cleaner along with 6 levels of LCD battery and hygiene life indicator. On the other hand, Braun 760cc offers 6 levels of LED battery life indicator but no hygiene indicators at all.


Inter Series Comparison –

Braun Series 5 vs. Braun Series 7 –

Proprietary Pulsonic technology is the most significant difference between Braun Series 5 and Braun Series 7. The earlier lineup, Braun Series 5 was not integrated with proprietary Pulsonic technology. This technology allows capturing more hair and that also of various lengths and cuts those off both fast and consistently.

Therefore, we can conclude that Series 7 offers a more close shave and more comfort than that of Series 5 Braun shavers.

On the other hand, it is true that Braun Series 5 is cheaper than Braun Series 7 but if budget is your only concern then why Braun Series 5! Check out Braun Series 3 instead.

A few drawbacks of Braun Series 7 Shavers –

More or less all the features have been discussed above so there are practically no hidden issues to point out here. However, comparison between Braun Series 7 models themselves will point out individual drawbacks, if any are there. So let’s take a look at this focused comparison.

Braun 790cc does not come integrated with wet shave option but it can be used plugged in. On the other hand, Braun 799cc offers wet shave but should not be used plugged in due to safety reasons. In this context, Braun 799cc costs 25-30$ more for offering just wet shave, as other features are somewhat similar!

Practically, even you buy a wet shaver, you should not use gels and creams with your shaver because that will damage the blade heads and might also cause internal problems. Therefore it means you are investing 25-30$ for just no reasons, all you will be able to do is use it while in shower!

Further, the cleaning fluid will also evaporate over time as it is alcoholic and you have to buy the fluid every time. To some aspect, this cleaning feature is also not necessary because it is a matter of a just 30 seconds to clean your shaver manually under tap water! What we want to convey here is, these un-necessary increments in the feature lists ends up as additions to the price of the device.

Conclusion –

The Series 7 Braun shaver models are all in one models as they come with not only a shaver but also with a pop out trimmer. Difficult areas like hair in neck, jaw line, sideburn, and moustache can also be taken care of with these gadgets. The shavers do not produce any noise, yet cuts deep and close enough without any skin irritation or redness.  Braun 790cc, Braun 799cc, and Braun 760, all can be considered as price effective models.

The best part is, you will be able to buy part by part accessories whenever needed. For example, you can buy cleaning fluid or blade heads or anything else. There is also a foil and cutter replacement scheme. I recommend you to try out at least one of the Braun Series 7 models. I have already given a brief review on the Series 7 models: Braun 790cc review, Braun 760cc review and Braun 799cc review. Choose the model, you think will be most convenient with you.

Braun Check Series 7 on Amazon

Let us know about your experience in the comments section in below. Cheers!

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