The Pros and Cons of Having a Beard!

Everything has some advantages and some disadvantages and your beards are no different, it also comes with a handful of advantages and numbers of disadvantages as well. In this article, we will explain you the advantages and disadvantages of keeping a beard, you can check out our recent articles to find out the best electric razor and trimmers.

Let us come straight to the point – Beard Pros and Cons.

Advantages of keeping a beard:

  • You might want to hide certain parts of your face like a double chin or bubble cheeks. Growing some beard is the best option to cover those areas.
  • You might be having a problem with scalp hair. May be you are experiencing tremendous hair fall or baldness. All you have to do is grow some thick beard and people’s eye sight will be diverted from your scalp to beard.
  • Do you know that a thick beard guards skin from direct harmful rays of the sun? As per a study, 95% of the harmful sun rays get absorbed by a beard. Therefore it is great for skin and eliminates skin diseases and chances of allergies.
  • You get a hunk look when you grow some beard; it is indeed of the advantages of keeping a beard.
  • You will be considered a mature, dominant and trustworthy person.
  • You will no more consider yourself inferior to others. You will get a positive mental vibe flowing throughout your body.
  • You will look manlier so some girls might find you attractive and ask to be their companion.
  • When we compare style and fashion of a man with that of a woman, in general, men have only a few things to do and alter as against their counterpart. However, with beards, you can be your own designer and try out new looks. Change your beard style often and enjoy fashion and style in a man’s way.
  • Beards will give you a sexy look. It will help you to get out of the boyish look.
  • Do you know, beards are great natural insulators! For example, during min summer, you will surely be disgusted with your thick full beard because of the extra heat generation. Similarly, on the other hand, during winter beards will help you to keep your face warm. Haven’t you heard of No Shave Novembers!

Disadvantages of keeping a beard:

  • When you are growing a beard for the first time, there might be skin irritations like allergy and itching. The problem will disappear once the density of beard increase.
  • Any and every beard style is not for everyone so you might feel disappointed when something special style that suits many does not suit you.
  • You have to spend some time for your beard grooming almost regularly.

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